5 Steps to Magnetically Attract Your Soulmate

man holding red heart

Wouldn’t it be great if your perfect partner showed up one day proclaiming “I am your soulmate, the person you have spent years searching for.”  That may sound like a mid-afternoon day dream, but it can happen to you. 

As I was working on attracting my soulmate (following the five steps listed below), I noticed one particular guy kept messaging me.  “Doesn’t he know I am trying to attract my soulmate!”  He was cute and seemed like a good guy; maybe even someone I would date.  But, he kept interrupting my search for my soulmate.   I’d be doing some yoga for self-care and “ding-ding” and guess who messaged me.  Taking a walk in the woods, grounding myself in the beauty of nature and you guessed it… Mr. Not-my-soulmate interrupting me trying to find my search again.

  I swear, every time I was intentionally acting on one of these steps, this guy would show up.  Well, maybe I should have been paying attention because it was not long before I discovered this man who kept interrupting me actually was just the person for whom I had been looking.  He showed up every time I was asking for my soulmate; I just did not recognize it.  Before long we got married and now have a beautiful family. 

That is my story and here are the 5 steps to start creating and magnetically attracting yours.

Mr. “Not-my-soulmate” proposing to me.
P.S. I said yes


Only you know who you truly are.  That person inside that only you can see.  Knowing yourself and living in that space is the first step to attraction your soulmate.  Embrace yourself, so others may embrace you!   If you act in accordance with your truth, you can live a fully actualized life and others will naturally be attracted to your innate vibrance. 

Being true to yourself is necessary to being true to others.  According to Psychology Today, trustworthiness is the number one attribute people look for in their ideal mate.  If you trade away your ideals and values for what others may think, you present an inauthentic version of yourself and might be perceived as untrustworthy or undependable.  You must be true to yourself to be trusted in your soulmate relationship.   


Don’t ever second guess this!!!  I guarantee there is no one quite like you.  Your gifts and talents are a unique offering and it is this uniqueness that will magnetically attract your soulmate.  Carry yourself in a manner that shows you are the prize.  This does not mean to have an inflated ego, but instead have self-confidence; showing others what you have to give. If you find yourself with someone who does not admire all your wonderfully special attributes, give them the boot.  They are obviously not the partner for you.  Your soulmate will love you for whom you are.  It is your wonderful attributes that attracted them to you in the first place. 


Make a list of exactly what you are looking for.  Put in as much detail as you can – what they look like, personality, income, level of education, their values and interests, how you will spend time together, what you want your relationship to look like.  That last point is very important.  What do you want your relationship to look like?  Do you want lots of physical contact, or maybe too much contact makes you uncomfortable.  Maybe you like to be pampered with gifts and affection.  Or, you want to be the one giving the affection.  These aspects of your relationship help define who it is that you are attracting.  What is it you’re are looking for and what do you need? 

Write your list down, read it often, and use your list as a litmus test for your potential partners.  The more you read your list, the more you ingrain the traits you have listed into your consciousness.  Have you ever noticed that when you buy a car that you start to see that car everywhere?  That same phenomena works happens magnetically attracting your soulmate.  As you become more aware of who and what you are looking for, the more you will see it in your everyday life.  Having these ideal traits in mind also allows you to notice that a potential partner is lacking your soulmate qualities. 


Red flags are called RED flags for a reason.  Stop signs, stop lights, keep out signs.  What do these all have in common…they urge, no command you to STOP.  But what are red flags?  Obviously, the answer to this question is different for everyone.  You may have a baseline idea of what personality traits may be red flags for you, but you can go deep here too.  One way to have a better idea of what red flags are to you is to take the list you made describing your soulmate and write the opposite of each item on the list.  For example, if you wrote down that your perfect partner is vary giving with their time and attention, you know that if someone taking all your time and attention is a red flag.  While you are dating, remember that you are dating the person before you, not the person you wish they could be. 

Understanding the red flags to notice in others is the easy part.  Now, to truly attract your soulmate, you must know what your red flags are. What is it that others may see as a red flag in me?  Identifying these attributes in yourself may be uncomfortable for some people as you have to take an honest look at yourself and ask “What am I carrying with me that may hinder my soulmate relationship?”  Some people may call this “baggage” but that carries a negative connotation. I prefer to think of baggage as the dusty corners of our mind. These are the habits and traits that maybe get a little neglected from time to time.

The aspects you need to look at are the traits that may repel a soulmate rather than attract a soulmate relationship.  Don’t beat yourself up while observing your dusty corners though. You do not need to be perfect to start attracting your soulmate.  Good is good enough. Repeat that to yourself, “Good is good enough.”


As you are going through these steps, it is ok to be alone.  You are a wonderful person and take this time to invest in yourself.  Maybe there is a project you have been waiting to get started… do it.  Maybe you noticed you have a few more rough edges than you thought… take this time to smooth those out.  There are two major factors at play in magnetically attracting your soulmate.  Those are Time and Intention.

  If you have followed the previous steps, you have a very clearly defined intention.  Now all you need is time.  Let the intention of attracting your soulmate simmer in the back of your mind, allow all the robust flavors of what makes you a beautiful person time to fully develop.  Take time for self-growth, engaging in activities that you love and inspire you.  This time is for you.  Be the you that you want to be!  Believe me, your soulmate will notice this when the time comes.

Now you know the steps, but this is just the beginning.  Now it is time to take action and put this process into motion.  Work on yourself, love yourself, and engage in activities that please you.  Your relationship will come.  You will magnetically attract your soulmate.  I suggest you dive deep into each of these steps.  The more fully fleshed out each of these steps are, the greater your ability to attract your partner. 

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